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Corporate Environment: Western Union Denver Headquarters

History wall custom built by Condit Exhibits
Condit’s capabilities stretch far beyond the historic core of our business of designing and building trade show exhibits. We have become experts at extending our clients’ brand through any type of environment, and recently that expertise has involved corporate office displays. Our most current project of this ilk included fabricating and installing a historical display along the walls on the executive floor of the Western Union International Headquarters.

The purpose of the project was to provide an informative and historical look at the company, its milestones, and the effects of American society on the ebb and flow of the business. The strategic placement of the display allows and encourages employees, visiting clients and corporate partners to interact with and absorb the content and design.

Western Union faced the challenge of demolishing an existing display and re-constructing one in its place. The timeline was tight and installation was to be done after work hours. For this, their mission was to find a local company that could construct, in-house, a museum-quality interior build-out. Within the 3-week allotted timeline, Condit was called upon to fabricate and install over 760 sq. feet of structural elements and graphic media.

Our graphic productions department utilized UV, inkjet, vinyl and dimensional printing to achieve varying degrees of textures and depth. While our woodworking team fabricated the exhibit structures, and installed these components on-site.

The finished product is a permanent installation at the company’s headquarters. The new hallway is now a focal point within their facilities, adding value and interest to visitors and employees alike.


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