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Early 2019 Trade Show Trends – Designer Perspective

Each year, Condit’s exhibit designers attend trade shows and industry events to document some of the latest trends, note the biggest flops, and get inspired for future projects.

Condit’s senior exhibit designer, Matt Wolf, walked the floor of Natural Products Expo West, which hosts some of the trendiest food, beverage and lifestyle products each year, and photo-documented his thoughts and experiences at the show.


What’s Hot in 2019 Trade Shows


Stuffed Animals

Countless NPEW booths employed cuddly critters to do some of their selling and promotion. Ranging from cartoonish to ultra-realistic, foxes, buffalo, frogs and more were seen sporting brand logos in a variety of trade show displays, undoubtedly giving visitors a fuzzy feeling.


Natural Tech

In the past, NPEW has been a traditionally grassroots show, offering low-tech experiences and more natural displays. This year, many exhibitors embraced LED screens, colored lighting, and advanced audiovisual equipment.


Packaging Patterns

Taking product placement to a whole new level, some businesses opted to use their packaging aesthetic in large walls or stacks, creating beautiful patterns and symmetry using materials on-hand.


What’s Not – Designs to Avoid


Reusing Booths

We’re probably a little biased, but using the same booth year after year is not a good look. It’s obvious when a booth is looking tired or has dated stylistic elements.

Greenery Walls

What started as a unique, earthy booth component has become totally played out. Something that’s on every aisle isn’t memorable!

Sloppy Setups

We spotted uneven lettering, trash on the ground, crooked screens and more. Messes detract from visitors’ experience. Yuck.



What’s Inspiring – Design Trends on the Rise


Playful Vibes

Chaos can be cool, and a careful design eye can orchestrate a cohesive presentation that is still lively and fun.


Clean Vectors

On the more minimalist front, big, beautiful vector images smoothly decorated booth walls and floors in single-color and multicolored graphics.

Product Heroes

Your product is a treasure – treat it as such! Cases and stands typically reserved for precious gems and rare artwork held everything from fresh burgers to body lotion.

Punchy Taglines

#$@*! Profanity, innuendo and more – nothing seemed to be off limits! Funny phrasing is certainly an interesting and effective way to grab attention. Use with caution!



While NPEW isn’t necessarily a comprehensive sampling of all industries and their exhibits, Condit’s seasoned designers use qualitative data like this to help clients and tradeshow professionals ensure they are moving in the right direction for 2019 and beyond.


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