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Your ASCO Exhibit: What to Expect

ASCO 2022 Annual Meeting

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting 2022 will be held from June 3 through June 7 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Condit partners with a wide range of healthcare and oncology clients, from clinical-stage companies to established corporations to craft their perfect ASCO exhibit. We pride ourselves on growing their businesses and helping our clients to achieve success.


Condit’s Midwest facility, located just outside Chicago, is perfectly positioned to offer design, fabrication, logistics, and show services for the ASCO conference – including discounted shipping and storage for your exhibit, your products, and your marketing materials! Our Chicago office is only a few short miles from McCormick Place, and our Midwestern team has extensive familiarity with the venue’s requirements and best practices as well as local labor requirements. And with more than 110 years of combined exhibit experience, you’re in good hands with Condit!


Your ASCO Exhibit Timeline

Depending on the scope of your ASCO exhibit project, Condit will collaborate with your team over the next several weeks or months in executing your vision.

For each ASCO project, these phases are comprised of the following activities:

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Estimate
  • Refine
  • Layout
  • Manufacture
  • Show
  • Return


Discover Your Project Needs

This phase consists of the initial touchpoint and an introductory phone call. The main goal of the discovery phase is information gathering to move forward with your ASCO project and connect you with the appropriate account executive.

Questions include:

  • What is your current booth size?
  • What is the name/date/location of your next event?
  • Do you have a specific new design idea in mind?
  • Do you prefer purchase (multiple uses) or rental (one-time use)?
  • What are the functional requirements of the new booth space (product display, demo, storage, reception, sampling, etc)?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is it important for the booth to be installed by members of your team? Or a professional labor crew?
  • Do you need help with show services (shipping, labor to install/dismantle, drayage, electrical, etc)?

This phase is typically completed in 1-3 days.


Design Your Oncology Exhibit

At Condit, before we put pencil to paper, our creative team takes the time to hear your challenges and goals for your ASCO exhibit and where you want to take your brand at the show and beyond. We work with you to understand the best way to translate your look, feel, and message into multiple dimensions at ASCO.

  • Design the initial concept and basic layout
  • Review and revise with clients
  • Complete edits based on feedback and present final version

This part of the process takes 3-4 weeks.


Collaborate with Other Agencies

Condit is no stranger to collaborating with healthcare organizations and their supporting agencies at any phase of the project. Take a look at our ASCO case study, which details our partnership with Array BioPharma and their creative agency, Biolumina. Whether providing turnkey ASCO service from design to deliverable or simply manufacturing and installation, Condit can integrate with any and all contributors.


Estimate Costs

Our dedicated estimating team is intimately familiar with all materials used by our in-house fabrication team. They also regularly import samples of the latest and greatest exhibit materials, forming relationships with suppliers and maintaining extensive knowledge on component and installation costs.

After approximately 2-4 days, we’ll have an idea of costs to present to you for review.


Refine Your Project

In this stage, we work with you to hammer out the little details that will get us to your final deliverable. This varies widely from client to client – some may be interested in reducing the budget, others may be looking to explore more sustainable manufacturing materials, for example. At the end of this process, which takes 1-2 weeks, a formal contract will be presented.


Layout the Details

This portion of the work is undertaken in tandem by your dedicated project manager and our engineering department over the span of another week.

The project manager handles:

  • internal turnovers between departments
  • budgeting
  • ordering of materials and raw goods

While the engineering department completes:

  • CAD drawings
  • detailed graphic templates
  • CNC programming


Manufacture Your Exhibit

Everything we produce is built to last and is done with your budget in mind over the next 6-8 weeks. In our build process, we employ a multitude of construction disciplines and quality, sustainable materials including wood, laminate, paint, metal, fabric, acrylic, and extruded aluminum. Our outstanding safety record and our commitment to sustainable business practices all reflect our forward-thinking company culture.

Creativity doesn’t stop at design either, our highly skilled craftsmen are always looking for a challenge. Whether it’s to make wood look like aged metal or subway tile to cut down on price and weight or experiment with new techniques in paint stain to match a brand’s POP displays, our shop’s goal is to deliver the look you envision.

The capstone of our fabrication process is an in-house or a video preview of your completed ASCO exhibit project.


Show Your ASCO Booth

It’s time for ASCO! And just because your custom exhibit or structure leaves our warehouse doesn’t mean our job is complete. We take great pride in how we manage our clients’ properties. Whether you go to one event per year or have a complex exhibiting program, our goal is to make life easier for you and to treat your budget like it’s our own.

We assign a dedicated team to every ASCO project. That team will submit paperwork by the discount ordering deadline, offer competitively priced transportation, get you qualified and vetted show labor and an exceptional event-site supervisor familiar with your property.

Condit will coordinate and oversee a vetted labor crew for the installation and dismantling of your ASCO exhibit. We can also provide skilled, qualified work for rigging, electrical, cleaning, material handling, internet, furniture rental, accessible storage, security, etc. In most cases, a Condit supervisor familiar with the exhibit will travel on-site to oversee and direct the crew.

ASCO show-site services include:

  • Shipping and Drayage
  • Installation and Dismantle
  • Electrical and Internet
  • Supervision
  • Rigging
  • Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Furniture
  • Any On-Site Needs


Return to Our Facility

Our clients’ ASCO exhibits are stored in one of our temperature-controlled warehouses, located in Denver and Chicago. Once an exhibit has returned from a show or event, our team opens every crate/skid, and inspects the entire contents against the master inventory. They generate a Maintenance and Inspection Report, with supporting photos. Prior to the next show, the AE will review the report with the client and proceed with necessary repairs.

M&I pricing is determined by the size and complexity of the exhibit properties. We then clean and re-pack your exhibit components in our handmade, custom crates. Our storage facility is under the same roof as our manufacturing shop and administrative offices, so your property is safe and easily accessible. We stand by our craftsmanship, and your ASCO exhibit is meant to last.


Get Started on Your ASCO Exhibit Today

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