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WEFTEC, short for the Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, is the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world. Organized by the Water Environment Federation (WEF), WEFTEC brings together water quality professionals from around the globe to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and showcase the latest technologies and solutions for water and wastewater management.


Your WEFTEC 2024 Exhibit

WEFTEC 2024 will be held from October 7-9 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

The conference typically features a comprehensive technical program consisting of presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and networking events covering a wide range of topics related to water quality, wastewater treatment, resource recovery, stormwater management, and sustainable water infrastructure. Leading experts, researchers, and industry professionals present their latest findings, case studies, and innovative approaches to addressing challenges in the water sector.

One of the highlights of WEFTEC is its expansive exhibition floor, where hundreds of exhibitors display their products, services, and technologies for water and wastewater treatment, monitoring, and management. Attendees have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge equipment, instrumentation, software, and solutions from leading manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. The exhibition also serves as a hub for networking, collaboration, and business development, connecting professionals from various sectors of the water industry.


A Zero-Waste Partnership

Unfortunately, the contemporary trade show industry is notorious for its excessive waste production. Conferences, expos, and events worldwide generate significant volumes of waste, including sampling items, packaging, promotional materials, and marketing collateral. Moreover, single-use exhibit elements like carpeting and vinyl flooring contribute to the commercial waste stream. Hazardous materials such as alkaline batteries and fluorescent light bulbs further exacerbate environmental risks.

At Condit, we are dedicated to promoting exhibit sustainability across all facets of our operations. From design and fabrication to material disposal and on-site practices at our two locations, we prioritize environmentally conscious business practices. Our initiatives include robust recycling programs, utilization of green materials, reduction of fuel consumption, and more.


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exhibit design that flows

At Condit, our approach to designing and developing your WEFTEC exhibit is centered on creating a unique and impactful space that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity. Throughout the entire process, from initial concept to final implementation, each aspect is tailored to captivate attention, convey your messaging effectively, and engage visitors meaningfully. We understand that a well-crafted tradeshow booth not only stands out in a crowded exhibition hall but also serves as a powerful marketing tool, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. By incorporating innovative layouts, compelling visuals, and interactive elements, our booth designs have the potential to elevate your brand’s visibility and deliver significant return on investment for your tradeshow participation. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainable materials and design options ensures that your exhibit reflects your organization’s mission and goals.


eco-conscious rental booths for WEFTEC

To further enhance the sustainability of your project, you can tap into our extensive rental exhibit inventory. Our rental exhibit components offer infinite customization options tailored to suit any brand or event, and they can be easily repurposed and reconfigured as required.


exhibit fabrication

The construction of your WEFTEC booth transforms the design into a tangible reality. Our fabrication process begins with meticulous sourcing of necessary materials. Skilled craftsmen then intricately cut, shape, and assemble these materials to create the structural elements of the booth. This thorough process encompasses building frames, installing lighting fixtures, integrating technological components, and applying graphics to bring the booth to life.

WEFTEC show services & project management

The show services for your WEFTEC exhibit are designed to be turnkey, ensuring a seamless and efficient exhibition experience before, during, and after the event. Condit’s Installation and Dismantling (I&D) team provides skilled labor to facilitate a smooth booth setup and breakdown process. Working closely with our dedicated account management team, we coordinate essential services such as electrical and lighting setup, shipping, and material handling, simplifying the transportation of booth materials to, from, and within the venue. Depending on your requirements, additional services like Wi-Fi connectivity, booth cleaning, and security measures can also be arranged.


booth storage and maintenance

After WEFTEC, we will assist you in securely storing your exhibit by carefully packing your booth components into custom-built crates. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance services as needed to address any wear and tear, refresh graphics or branding elements, and ensure the optimal condition of technology features. By investing in temperature-controlled warehousing and conducting post-event inspections, we not only preserve the quality of the booth but also streamline the setup process for your upcoming events, ensuring smooth and efficient execution.

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