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Traveling Exhibits | Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in developing a traveling exhibit but not sure where to start? Find the answers to some frequently asked questions about traveling exhibits below.


What is a traveling exhibit?

Like a traditional exhibit, traveling exhibits combine text, graphics, and sometimes objects and/or interactives to deliver a story but differ in that they take on a relatively portable, easy-to-travel format. This makes it possible to take that story on the road, bringing it to places and audiences beyond the normal range. While a traveling exhibit may require some assembly or build out at each location, it is a temporary installation and is usually configured in a modular way for flexibility with layout and more simple set up and dismantle.


Who organizes traveling exhibits?

Anyone with a mission, a message or a story can organize a traveling exhibit! A traveling exhibit can be promotional, educational and in some instances, both! Traveling exhibit creators include but are not limited to: museums, schools and universities, libraries, nature centers, community centers, other nonprofits, businesses and brands. These entities offer guidance on the aesthetic and function of the traveling exhibit’s design and build. Condit collaborates with all sorts of clients to develop a traveling exhibit that meets their goals for story/messaging, aesthetics, form and function. We thrive on bringing stories into three dimensions!


Who hosts a traveling exhibit?

A traveling exhibit can be presented in various types of venues from museums and libraries to shopping centers, corporate lobbies and conferences or conventions. Exhibit organizers should be aware of site conditions, like access via loading dock or doorways, and any restrictions a venue may have as these may affect design decisions such as the format of the exhibit or crate sizes.


What formats can traveling exhibits take on?

Traveling exhibits are only limited by the project team’s collective imagination! Condit has built traveling exhibits that include custom casework, portable graphic stands, interactives and response activity stations, and even mobile exhibits in a truck or specialty trailer.


What are the benefits of a traveling exhibit?

  • Audience
    • Take your story anywhere! Having an exhibit that travels makes it easy to target audiences more broadly.
  • Portability
    • Traveling exhibits can be designed to have enhanced ease of movement and transport, unpacking and installation.
  • Flexibility
    • The majority of traveling exhibits are reconfigurable – they can be assembled not only quickly and simply but also in several different ways for space and venue requirements as needed.
  • Maintenance
    • While we build for durability, if damage or wear does occur, traveling exhibits can be easily shipped to the exhibit manufacturer for proper maintenance or repairs.


What are some considerations when investing in a traveling exhibit?

Traveling exhibit developers should keep in mind:

  • Their Audience
    • Demographics and psychographics of intended users and participants of the traveling exhibit
  • Material Durability
    • Especially important for interactive traveling exhibits and for those that will move frequently
  • Venue
    • What type of venue will help you meet your audience goals?
    • Do the types of venues you’re interested in have any restrictions on the types of exhibits or the form/size they can present?
    • Does your exhibit need any regular maintenance of materials in activities that would require someone on site to oversee it, if only occasionally?
  • On-Site Setup
    • The size of doorways the traveling exhibit pieces must pass through, skill-level needed to put together and tear down, shipping requirements like crates or specialized padding


Building Your Exhibit

Whether as a permanent installation or traveling exhibit, Condit’s expert design and fabrication team will help bring your story to life – customized to your needs as our client, expertly tailored to the destination venue(s), and focused on your message, you can be sure your exhibit will be informative, effective, and memorable. Contact us to get started.

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