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Tips to using QR Codes in your trade show exhibit

Many people have heard of QR Codes and may have even used them to gain information.
These strange looking square images look like a maze or something from an old video game.
A QR Code is a basically a bar code that allows you to scan information from your smartphone using a QR Code reader.
You can easily download a free QR Code reader application on any Smartphone.

A QR Code allows the user to access information such as a video, a mobile web site, a brochure or product specifications.

Read more about QR Codes on Wikipedia.  httpsssss://
The key is to integrate them into your exhibit and provide a strong call to action.  Give the attendees a reason to take the time.

A few ways to consider using a QR Code in your trade show marketing program.

  • Have a specific QR Code on all pre-show mailers opening to a map of the show hall with your booth highlighted.
  • Utilize on all products within your exhibit to learn more and see demos online.
  • Use as an enter to win to gain valuable lead information.
  • Promote your website
  • Create a game using QR Codes for the booth staff to get them ready for the show and learn about the products. 

Concerns using QR Codes:
Smartphone adoption:
Not everyone uses smartphones.  It is important to also provide alternate ways to access the QR Code. Provide a web url along with a strong call to action.

Mobile phone signal:
Trade show halls do not always have the best cell signal and users may not be able to download the information quickly. Have a back up plan such as a laptop with the information available or consider having Wi-Fi in your exhibit.

Creating a QR Code:
It is important to work with a expert company that can help you create the proper campaign that is easily viewed on mobile devices. Creating a QR Code is very easy and can be done for free. Try QR Codify to create your QR Codes.
Make sure you test all QR Codes before creating the final graphics.

Train your staff:
It is important to train your staff on how to access a QR Code and to understand the variety of phones that have this technology. Your staff should understand how it works with an iPhone / iPad, Blackberry, Android and other manufactures. Many people are excited to try a QR Code but do not know how to use their phone.

These are just a few tips to using QR Codes.  Please contact us at Condit if you want to learn more about how to integrate this technology into your next exhibit.

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