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Set Construction by Condit

Immersive Broadcast Sets for News, Entertainment & More

Condit has partnered with numerous media outlets, set design agencies, and entertainment brands to artfully craft scenery, sets and backdrops. Whether for a talk show, news segment, commercial, or other production, your broadcast environment from Condit will be fully immersive, built from the highest quality components, and durable for repeated use. In addition to set construction, Condit can propose set designs in conjunction with your internal teams through our extensive collaborative design process. We can also execute and fabricate existing drawings or blueprints from independent set design partners – and everything in between to translate your ideas into the physical world for the enjoyment of your audience!

Set Construction & Fabrication

Condit has two large manufacturing facilities, one in Denver and one in Chicago, run by highly qualified craftspeople utilizing precision fabrication equipment. Our fabrication is based on construction drawings detailed in AutoCAD by our in-house drafters, then turned over to our shop where we employ a multitude of construction disciplines including wood, laminate, paint, metal, fabric, acrylic, and extruded aluminum. Our outstanding safety record, and our commitment to sustainable business practices all reflect our forward-thinking company culture.

On-Site Installation

Our installation team is comprised of dedicated, full-time staff, including your designated project manager, the craftspeople who have constructed your project, and an installation expert. This team will ensure all components are installed to your satisfaction, fully functional and camera ready. They have experience working in broadcast environments and understand not only the unique requirements of your project, but also the expectation for a product of exceptional quality with a high level of finish. Our installation team has the skill, tools and materials to accomplish the job.

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