Condit Exhibits Design Team

Xfinity Think Tank

Comcast called on Condit for the second year in a row to construct a temporary event space to house their Xfinity Think Tank roundtable during the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) Summit. COIN attracts entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the state to participate in a series of programs aimed to progress local industry and technology.


The goal of this project was to create a temporary, stand-alone marketing space with functioning amenities on par with that of a permanent building. Maximum visibility was also key, making site selection and branding high priority.


With a team of just six and on a tight 36-hour timeframe, Condit was able to construct the 5mx5m building, run power, install HVAC, A/V and carpeting, furnish the interior space and brand the exterior.


Successfully installing the temporary structure on one of downtown Denver’s busiest intersections proved a feat for Condit, but “having the opportunity to install our work in our city with a fellow local business was noteworthy for our team,” remarks project manger, Mandy Glenwright. “We were even more pleased that Comcast entrusted Condit to create a temporary event space that complemented the surrounding permanent venue.”

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