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Sorella Apothecary’s New Custom Exhibit for IECSC Shows

One of Condit’s core values is working collaboratively. When Sorella Apothecary sought our trade show services, we knew they were going to be a perfect fit as just such a partner. In the first discovery meeting with the Sorella team it was apparent they wanted a high level of involvement, and we love that! At Condit we honor your expertise in your field and we hope you respect the same of us. When this synergy occurs wonderful things happen.


Sorella Apothecary came to Condit needing a modular solution for a new custom trade show exhibit; they needed a 10x20 and 20x20 version of their booth for consecutive IECSC (International esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa) shows. Sorella was new to exhibiting and co-founder Danielle Munley remarks, “our main goal was to make a big splash with a booth that was truly one-of-a-kind. We had no intention of coming in to the skincare market in a small way”. Our team at Condit knew we had to get this right!

Sorella came to the table with strong branding seen through their packaging and digital marketing. They wanted to translate their sophisticated and elegant look into three dimensions. Danielle and team proved aesthetically driven and brought great ideas and the attention to detail that backed up their impeccable vision; the style of the booth would take cues from old world, European apothecaries while maintaining modern refinement. With this inspiration, Design Director, Kevin Trainor, developed image mood boards and initial sketches. The design immediately began to feel like a polished version of a heritage space. Materials like wood, brass, marble and glass were anticipated early on, as well as a classic, high-contrast black and white palette. The Sorella team sourced many of their own accessories and fixtures, and asserted a critical eye throughout the design and fabrication processes.


Thanks to the client’s clear vision and involvement, the final design and build of the 20x20 space didn’t stray far from initial sketches. Dark, recessed panel wood cabinetry contrasted by marble walls and flooring became the design’s canvas. Matte black headers and brass fixtures accessorized the space and added to the timeless appeal. The vision-turned-reality ticked all the boxes from the conceptual stages and Danielle confirms, “our booth truly stands out at every show we attend! It is clean and classic, yet has so many beautiful details that people want to come see what we are doing.”


The result of each project is a physical accomplishment, whereas value provided to a customer reaches far beyond the thing itself. For Sorella Apothecary, Danielle explains, “Condit was able to see our vision from the beginning. Our designer was so key to our operation. He understood what we were looking for and could nail down the aesthetic and feel we wanted to accomplish. Also, the craftsmanship in building our booth has been spot on.” For us, we thrive on projects that we can look back on and be just as excited about the client’s show success as we are about a new partnership gained. With Sorella we could dig deep together and collaborate on bringing a vision to life.





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