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Permanent Museum Exhibit at the Museum of Boulder

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Originally organized in 1945 by the Boulder Historical Society, the Museum of Boulder has served as a local landmark and an educational center, hosting renowned traveling exhibits as well as local artifacts and stories. In its more than 70-year history, the Museum of Boulder has changed locations several times but has consistently emanated the “spirit of Boulder” with interesting, interactive museum exhibits on topics such as microbrewing, winter athletics, and Native American heritage.


Exhibit Partnership By Design


Condit partnered with QuatreFoil, a masterful exhibit design house, to complete the multi-room Boulder Experience Gallery. This new permanent museum exhibit encompasses over 160 years of Boulder history, beginning in the pioneer era and spanning through modern space exploration via CU Boulder. The space combines a variety of elements, including numerous interactive multi-media experiences, customized graphics, and a wealth of historical treasures.


Below are some example photos from the museum installation project as well as the design and planning strategy that went into our partnership with QuatreFoil to bring the Museum of Boulder’s dream to life.


"I want people to come out of here going, 'Wow! I had no idea how rich this community was,'" said Nancy Geyer, previous executive director and CEO of the Museum of Boulder. "I also want them to come back and share this experience with their family and friends."

In bringing the Museum of Boulder’s vision to reality, Condit and QuatreFoil strived to meet three key goals for this experiential exhibit: durability, cohesiveness, and originality. QuatreFoil began the project with the design schematics, interactive feature overview, and lighting outline, then Condit fulfilled the production and execution via advanced manufacturing, fabrication, printing and installation.


Because this custom installation is permanent at the Museum of Boulder, Condit engineers took special care in selecting their graphics’ coatings, museum display cases, and structural materials for maximum longevity and wear-and-tear resistance. This was especially essential for the interactive components.

The museum exhibit required a certain amount of cohesiveness and flow while still optimizing how each individual item was showcased. Condit, QuatreFoil, and the Museum Boulder tirelessly analyzed how data and materials gathered from over 300 Boulder residents and local historians would be best protected, most visible, and most easily appreciated by museum patrons while still providing a synchronized chronology of Boulder life.

Condit incorporated innovative details to ensure the Boulder Experience Gallery would be a museum exhibit like no other. For example, some of the exhibit’s graphics are printed on rare, authentic beetle kill pine, and multiple photo walls throughout the installation are comprised of customized, individually backlit LED tiles.



In addition to creating a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience for visitors, Condit provided value for the Museum of Boulder by seamlessly partnering with QuatreFoil. The majority of Condit’s business is direct to client without any third-party mediation. In completing this project, Condit illustrated its competence as an organization in integrating with other project contributors, beginning at the ideation phase and lasting through completion.

Condit also understands the nuances of non-profit organizations like museums, galleries and historical sites and excels at coordinating the aesthetic form and practical function with considerations like planning and approval timelines, fundraising, and more.



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