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Expert Metal Fabrication for a Custom AWS re:Invent Exhibit

Maximizing Tradeshow Exhibit Impact with Custom Fabricated Components

TmaxTibero, a leading database management system company based in Korea, exhibited internationally for the first time at AWS re:Invent with a 20×20 island exhibit designed and fabricated by Condit.

Two eye-catching features of the exhibit, the conference room lattice arch and the hanging triple bar, were custom fabricated by Condit’s expert metal workers from high-quality aluminum then carefully enameled in our in-house paint booth.

“This marked our very first participation in a global event, underlining our strategic move to expand internationally. By leveraging the platform of AWS re:Invent, we aimed to enhance our brand visibility, foster industry connections, and showcase TmaxTibero’s dedication,” said Sena Seo Hyun Lee, manager at TmaxTibero.



In looking at the design visuals and the booth layout, TmaxTibero had a specific vision in representing their brand and communicating with AWS re:Invent attendees.

“During our initial meeting, our primary aim was to convey that we are a Korea-based company with unique, original technology, and we sought to integrate our distinctive brand colors. While our vision was clear, our articulation was somewhat vague, and we provided guidelines to avoid the typical IT or futuristic visuals that tend to be overused at conferences.”

“When Senior Designer Keita Usuda presented the design, we were genuinely pleased to see how well our unspoken feedback had been understood. The enclosed spacing of the booth, a deliberate choice due to our limited on-site staff, turned out to be effective. This design alleviated potential stress on our booth staff, who could now focus on engaging with attendees gathered around our booth without the distractions of open gateways on all sides,” Sena said.



In addition to practical features like storage, seating, and A/V integration, the exhibit design was enhanced through hanging and structural elements inspired by Korean architecture and culture that would draw attention and prove memorable for AWS: reInvent participants.

On Condit’s manufacturing floor, Mike Weinberger, Brad Luczak, and the shop staff created and perfected these components for TmaxTibero.

Mike explained, “This was a pretty interesting and exciting build, the kind you like to work on. It was a large project on a tight timeline, and our people and our machines knocked it out.”

He continued, “With such large pieces, we focused on the structure and improving the build strength wherever we could through subtle plates, hardware, and welding. The material used was very high quality, and though it took a bit longer to work with, cheaper materials would have sagged. We split them and engineered a perfect fit, so that they would be lighter to ship and easier to assemble. We also devised and set up connections between the aerial rigging and the grid fixture to keep the hanging items stationary.”


Metal Mike custom metal fabricator at work

“Metal Mike” Weinberger at work as a metal fabricator at Condit


After the metal fabrication, Brad received all pieces and began sanding, next moving to primer, interior wiring for electrical connections, and enamel painting.

He commended several individual contributors, saying, “Five of us, Cole, Jason, Fernando, Scottie and myself, worked so cohesively together. I believe this is one of the best exhibits we’ve put out to this day, especially given the short amount of time. Everyone back here was really impressed when we saw the finished photos.”

Brad Luczak in the paint booth

Brad Luczak, senior manufacturing team member, at work in the paint booth


Sena and the TmaxTibero marketing department incorporated the unique booth concept design throughout their promotion process, including on the event’s raffle tickets.

Sena said, “This approach proved effective in steering clear of conventional and uninspiring IT brochures that often go unnoticed after such events.”



Sena and the TmaxTibero event marketing department found value in all aspects of the Condit process, from initial collaboration with their account executive, Michelle Lewis, through the design work, and into final production.

“This was our first global event, and we were unsure of what to expect, especially during our initial meeting, we struggled to provide accurate estimates. Michelle played a crucial role in guiding us through the entire process, shedding light on key details. One example was our realization that there would be separate invoices for booth installation and services, a detail we hadn’t anticipated. When we raised concerns about this, Michelle adeptly assisted us in reorganizing the costs to align with our budget constraints while preserving the integrity of the booth design.”

“We really appreciate how our ideas were well incorporated into the booth design. Condit’s ability to effectively capture and incorporate nuances from our casual conversations into the booth design was evident as we walked through the project. Our booth programs were kept changing throughout, but Condit demonstrated remarkable flexibility by dynamically incorporating changes.”

Mike summarized the secret to Condit’s success in executing client projects, “The team is our secret weapon. We are solution-oriented, always troubleshooting, always nose to the grindstone. Our team is everything.”

Sena, looking ahead, said, “We aspire to participate in next year’s AWS re:Invent and will even consider expanding our presence to other prominent conventions such as CES or MWC.”


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