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Exhibiting in the US as an International Brand | Contamac

Contamac’s Event Marketing Program

Contamac, a worldwide leader in contact lens material technology, exhibits at several events each year both in the United States and abroad, including GSLS, EFCLIN, and ESCRS. The organization also hosts their own conference, CLASS Symposium, each year in South America. Their headquarters are located in England, with offices as in Shanghai, China and Grand Junction, Colorado. For Contamac and many international exhibitors, event marketing in the US is very different than in their native country or in other countries in Europe, Asia and Australia. Contamac has trusted Condit to help accomplish their goals at domestic and international events since 2018.


Exhibiting in the US

One of the challenges of exhibiting in the United States is the increased cost. The pricing structure for a US show is completely different than an Asian or European one – including additional elements like drayage and union labor. Internationally, a one-size-fits-all pricing model is typically employed for both on-site labor and for exhibit design/build. This can make budgeting for a US event confusing and intimidating.

International clients exhibiting in the United States may feel pressure to accept an out-of-the-box solution from a show-site contractor. These are cheap, all-in offerings that provide a cookie-cutter aesthetic sure to be underwhelming on the show floor. While they do not call attention to line items like drayage and union labor, these costs are still rolled into the final bill. And though these packages may make sense for some exhibitors, international companies should be aware that other, more innovative cost-cutting measures are available to explore.

For example, Condit clients can make use of their extensive rental inventory and collaborative design process. Rental exhibits save costs but still allow for significant and impactful customization. High-end, good quality rental components are nearly indistinguishable from custom-built materials, and depending on several factors, a rental exhibit might make more sense for an international exhibitor’s event marketing program in the United States.

US exhibit houses, like Condit, often make use of new and different materials than those expected in Europe or Asia. They also help exhibitors adhere to national laws and local regulations that may be unfamiliar. Your exhibit partner may even recommend alternative marketing messages and styles to produce better results in the American market. It helps both the exhibit house and the potential client to clearly communicate project expectations, including budget and timeline, at the outset to better ensure a successful US exhibiting experience.



Although goals are unique to clients and are typically show-specific, many international brands, including Contamac, exhibit in the United States to build brand presence and general awareness as well as to maintain and strengthen existing relationships.

International exhibitors at US shows, like Contamac, are often high-level sponsors, seeking to create a welcoming hospitality experience and promote socialization within their space as opposed to trading business cards and scanning badges. These inviting areas help booth visitors feel special and encourage informal networking within the branded environment, usually without more clearly defined ROI.


Together, Condit and Contamac have designed and built multiple, standout exhibitions for US events that not only foster connections with clients, prospects, vendors and even competitors but also help Contamac stay tapped into the US market at must-attend, in-person functions – all while adhering to their event marketing budget.


Condit exceeds at providing an elevated brand presence – moving beyond simple sales and business development – to provide lasting, memorable impact at an event year after year. Condit’s portfolio includes a number of international companies who bring their brands and products to market in the US. With experience domestically and abroad, Condit understands the tactics, tools and techniques necessary for success – from regulatory compliance and material handling through day-to-day show floor experience.



Succeeding at Home and Abroad

One of the most crucial components of exhibiting in the United States as an international business is education. To learn more, get in touch with us and let's design your next exhibit.We’re happy to outline the associated costs and processes transparently for your business and your event.

Not ready to chat yet? We’ve also prepared this handy info sheet for international clients on some of the main costs and key differences between exhibiting in the US and exhibiting abroad.

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