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Clovis Oncology’s New Exhibit at ASCO

Condit recently partnered with client, Clovis Oncology, to rethink their trade show exhibit for ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) 2016. Clovis’s 40×40 booth space needed a revamp in design and function in order to up their exposure at the show while strategically accommodating their various audiences. As with all ASCO exhibitors, Condit is able to create some of the most dynamic medical and healthercare exhibits for the annual gathering.


Andrew Park, Clovis’s Senior Product Manager, explains the goal of the new layout was to accommodate various spaces with specific needs that would work cohesively, and to incorporate their disease education campaign on ovarian cancer. Andrew explains the space as needing “separate areas for commercial and medical affairs colleagues to interact with their external stakeholders.” They also needed a private conference space for scheduled meetings. As for booth design, the Clovis team wanted a modern and open space with color, bold architectural elements and natural finishes.


At Condit we believe keen planning leaves little room for show floor disasters. This applies to design intention; we work hard to anticipate exhibit flow patterns and functional requirements while also considering aesthetics and brand identity. For Andrew, “the quality of the models during the design phase ensured all details of the final booth came out just as planned and hoped.” The various spaces within the exhibit worked as intended while the designed elements made for an inviting environment. Andrew recounts that the exhibit “came together seamlessly to create a unique environment and experience for our exhibit visitors.”

At Condit we also strive for precise planning to ensure the highest efficiency during install and dismantle of all our exhibits. In this case with Clovis Oncology, Andrew relayed the success of this strategy by mentioning “the Condit team very effectively managed what is always a hectic set up and tear down process in this vast exhibit hall. All elements of the booth were ready when needed, and worked as expected.”


We believe the value established on a project transcends the physical result of the exhibit design and build. Value is added when we can work with our clients creatively and collaboratively. When our clients reciprocate the enthusiasm for that type of relationship, we know only success can result. For Andrew and the Clovis group, “it was a lot of fun developing various concepts for ASCO, and the Condit team was not afraid to provide us with a wide variety of styles and designs to help our team hone in on what would work best based on our needs. Being invited to spend some time at the Condit offices is a great way to see some of the creative ideas come to life. One can readily see that this team lives and breathes this business.”

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