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At Condit, we like to say we design “from the inside out”.  What does that mean?

Before we put pencil to paper, we take the time to understand your unique challenges, the specific goals for your exhibit, and where you want to take your brand. We really dig in, trying to find the best way to translate your look, feel and message into three dimensions. We have a very iterative process that lets you have input into the design at every step of the way. And we don’t quit until you tell us it is exactly right.

Condit moved locations just over a year ago. The new space was a blank canvas for us to design. We wanted to create a fun, relaxed, informal workspace for the design department, and we thought, what’s more fun than camping? We executed exactly that; the space now features a “campfire” meeting table, retro-fitted trailer, tree house and a nature-inspired art wall. The idea was to not only make this space inspirational, but also a place where minds come together and ideas can flow.

The art wall now provides us with a fun environment for brainstorming and presenting new ideas. It also serves as the introduction to the Campground, as this is where the Campground Rules and trail map are found. Simple fir posts evoke a sort of “mod forest”, as do the stumps which hold an iPad and dry-erase markers.  A giant presentation screen and funky shaped whiteboards give us plenty of real estate to present our ideas.  And our Creative Campground sign looks downright authentic; we use the same color and fonts as the National Park Service!


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