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Kevin Trainor Promoted to President of Condit Exhibits

Condit Exhibits is excited to announce the promotion of Kevin Trainor to president.  Kevin recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company, hired first as a designer, later advancing to design director, and for the last three years, serving as president of the Chicago division. He brings a wealth of design experience coupled with expertise in sales, marketing, and business development to his new role as Condit’s president. Since the acquisition of the Chicago facility in 2019, Kevin has been instrumental in leading that location, first through the troubled waters of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently to record levels of growth in revenue, staffing, and clientele as well as significant diversification toward new vertical markets. Condit looks forward to him bringing the same level of energy, experience, and confidence to the entire enterprise.

VP of Operations Donnie MacDonald summarized Kevin’s upbeat, hardworking, and people-centric approach to team projects and internal affairs.

“I’ve noticed a pattern that illustrates Kevin’s overall approach to business as a whole. Kevin injects positivity, kindness, and compassion into every workday. These are simple email responses, but Kevin makes sure to always let everyone around him know that they are appreciated, he is here to help, and you are a valued member of the team.”

‘Nice work, all!’

‘Thanks, man!’

‘Very helpful!’

‘Well done!’

‘Thanks, amigo. Fantastic work!’

‘You guys crushed this! It looks amazing.’

‘I can do that.’

‘We’re super proud and happy for her!’

‘Yes, sir…you got it! Count me in.’

‘Oh yeah, baby, that’s what I’m TALKIN ABOUT!’

‘Maybe something like this might work?’

‘Happy to help.’

‘It was really inspiring.’

‘Thanks for taking the time to outline this.  It’s very helpful.’

‘Thanks for all of your hard work on this.’

‘Sorry for any inconvenience.’

‘I think we put our best foot forward on this.’

‘Congrats to everyone who had a part in this.’

‘We’ll work through it.’

‘We are prepared to ride it out.’

‘Let me know how I can help.’

Senior Exhibit Designer Keita Usuda recalled, “The first time I met Kevin was when he came in to interview with us for a design position. At the time, I was the only designer at Condit, and I was extremely picky about who I wanted to work with. I was looking for a complete package that I can entrust with projects right from the get-go. When I finally met Kevin, there was something about him, his work, and his style…I knew this was the guy. The rest is history, and he has been my partner in crime ever since. Little did I know at the time that I was hiring the future president of Condit, so I’m just going to take the full credit for that right now!”

Kevin is passionate about the events industry and about great design. “I can’t imagine a better business than ours.  We get to create one-of-a-kind, three-dimensional marketing and learning environments and to watch the organizations that we help grow and thrive. It’s fast-paced, constantly evolving, and deeply rewarding.  When you see the crowds gathering at the opening of an event or exhibit, and you think back on what it took to get there, it’s just thrilling to see it come to life!”


Keita continued, “One thing that I love about Kevin is his abundance of passion. It’s his passion for design, music, arts, food, culture, history, language, and people that makes him instantly relatable to anyone that he meets. His passion combined with his humility, empathy, fairness, emotional intelligence, good communication skills and experience is what makes him a great leader. No matter who you are, he will listen to you, support you, and is not afraid ask for your opinion and advice, especially when it really matters. I believe he’s the perfect guy for this job and to take this company to the next level.  Congratulations, Kevin!”

Condit has established a reputation as a high-design, high-quality, and high-service company and building on those values will be the guiding force in Kevin’s leadership. “I come from the design side, and inspired design is what has put us on the map.  We’ll continue to strengthen our creative offering by attracting great talent while keeping on top of trends in design, materials, and technology.” Kevin’s strategic updates to Condit’s software and processes, whether for sales, production or account management, will be key to maintaining high standards of craftmanship and service.  A renewed emphasis on sustainability and corporate responsibility will assure that Condit continues to be an exemplary civic partner.

“Kevin has been instrumental in differentiating Condit throughout the events and exhibitions industry and solidifying our core values of collaborative design, quality manufacturing, and responsive customer service within our two locations,” said Jenny Koehn, Condit’s VP of Sales. “Condit’s reputation and its successful trajectory are directly linked to his efforts.”

Expansion into new markets, facility improvements, and growth in both locations are all part of Kevin’s roadmap for the organization in the years ahead.  “There’s no better person to put at the helm of this organization than Kevin Trainor,” said CEO Mike McGowan. “He knows the ins and outs of the industry and the core of our business. We’re all anticipating great things from him as president.”


Read the official press release.

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