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BruMate’s Reconfigurable Exhibit for Surf Expo and Outdoor Retailer

BruMate, an insulated drinkware brand focusing on adult beverages, exhibited for the first time as a business in early 2020 at Surf Expo and Outdoor Retailer. Though their Surf Expo booth was a 20×20 island and their Outdoor Retailer booth was a 30×40 split-island, Condit was able to utilize nearly all of the same components in an alternate configuration at both events at one-fourth the cost of a new build.  


BruMate Trade Show Booth Specifications

The design inspiration for both exhibits was an island vibe, something both fresh and tropical but also sandy and slightly weathered. Using rope swings, natural wooden textures and other coastal inspirations, the booth looked like a piece borrowed from a Bali resort.

The core elements inside the 20×20 exhibit at Surf Expo were the bar, three product display units, a 22-foot tall branding tower, and a greenery wall – complete with neon tagline for a show-floor Instagram moment. The booth also included multiple wooden tables for conversations, meetings and happy hours.



Inside the 30×40 at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, height regulations required a trimming of the tall branding tower to 16 feet. The expanded square footage included lounge area with white, beachy furniture as well as additional product shelving, larger flooring, and a few more flat-top tables. A new wooden pole and some string lights anchored the center of the booth. Lastly, a branded graphic backwall connected the two sides of the split-island. All other materials were identical to the Surf Expo build.




Cost Savings of Reconfiguring Your Exhibit

Compared to purchasing a new custom booth, the average cost savings of recombining and reconfiguring to fit different show floor footprints are significant. However, it is important that exhibit designers know that repurposing is the objective up front to provide maximum flexibility. For BruMate, their exhibit components can be reconfigured for any island setup, and they intend to grow to a 40×40 space in the near future.

In addition to lowering costs from an exhibit design and build perspective, money can also be saved by minimizing the number of crates going to each show. While this is not a guarantee for all reconfigurations, fewer crates reduces the bill for freight, drayage and other show services. Another benefit of repurposing is that it creates brand consistency from event to event while still providing the flexibility to adhere to different show regulations, fit varying booth spaces, and appeal to specific audiences.

The key to successful reconfiguration is to ensure all booth elements are free floating so that, in moving them, nothing needs to be resurfaced. All four sides of each piece should be finished, allowing that portion of the structure to live independently in the space as needed. This helps avoid graphic gaps, hardware holes and other issues that can result from repurposing.


Growing Your Booth with Condit

Whether your goal is brand awareness, order writing, client meetings or something else entirely, Condit can help visualize the long-term event marketing strategy for your brand. Using your show schedule and budget, we will work with you to fit any and all project parameters.

Our design department excels at thinking ahead and building exhibits that are flexible and scalable for many events to come – making sure your investment is as practical as possible. So, if you’re interested in reconfiguring your existing booth or building a new, scalable project, get in touch.


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