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Creative Office Design Projects

custom office design

Creativity breeds consistent change around Condit in the form of custom office design updates. Even in the slightest business lull our team will jump at the opportunity to pour our talents into sprucing up our own space. Most recently, the Condit exhibit designers created a new coffee bar while the estimators built and installed a conjoined work desk.

Mo Joe? Fo Sho! Office Coffee Bar Redesign

Busy trade show pros need their Joe! Which is why we installed a new mid-mod style coffee bar convenient for both employees and visitors to grab a hot beverage. A bold circular pattern runs seamlessly from the floor and up the wall, acting as the backdrop for a bright orange Smeg fridge and LED neon sign, “Mo Jo, Fo Sho”. Adjacent to the sign, we created a birch peg-wall for hanging “Condit” branded mugs. Below the mugs, the coffee machine sits on a on a midcentury-modern-style wood sideboard. The space is a small oasis for our guests and the caffeine-driven, design-minded individuals at Condit.

Condit Retro Coffee Bar Condit birch mug wall


Shou Sugi, Whaaat? Creating Custom Wall Panels

In some organizations, creativity doesn’t seem to extend past the walls of the exhibit design department. That couldn’t be further from the truth at Condit. Our team runs the gamut from those who are creative in the more traditional artistic sense, to creative problem solvers, to makers and tinkerers. Our estimators took it upon themselves to jointly dream-up then build a collaborative, functional and beautiful workspace solution. The answer to their dream? A shou sugi ban wood-and-manipulated-metal divider wall, laminated blob desk and snowboard bench–of course!

Decorative wood wall Should Sugi Ban technique Cedar wood art

Shou sugi ban is an ancient Japanese waterproofing treatment for cedar wood. The process involves charring the wood, wire brushing the ashes, then applying a finishing oil. The result produces darkened veining and a beautiful warm black patina. Donnie and Jeff, the estimating team, applied this technique to wood planks and end blocks then arranged them at varying heights on one half of their desk partition. The other half is clad with metal they acid-etched. They then secured the metal and wood wall with steel edging. The desk itself is a large, blob shape conducive for collaborative meetings. Pull up a seat on the sticker-laden snowboard bench and talk numbers with Donnie and Jeff!


Office design inspiration


Love what you see? We also do custom office design, fabrication and install for other companies too! Check out more inspiration and office design ideas on our installations page.