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VIP Structures for America’s Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup

The logistical planning, design details, and engineering inherent to our custom fabrication provide a superior environment for guests and attendees at any event.

Take for example the four custom VIP structures Condit is currently fabricating on the San Francisco Pier for the upcoming America’s Cup and Louis Vuitton Cup. Beginning in July and running through September 2013, the event is the most recognized sailing competition in the world, attracting top sailors, yacht designers, sponsors and countless spectators.

Condit partnered with America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA). The history and prestige associated with the America’s Cup meant that Condit needed to design and build temporary event structures that didn’t feel temporary. The structures not only needed to provide an exceptional guest experience, but also create high-end, lounge and and retail environments that fit the overall atmosphere of the event.

So how did Condit create these environments for the event?

Custom fabrication creates the high-end look and feel of Condit’s VIP structures; in the case of America’s Cup, design, interior build-out, and exceptional details create unforgettable spaces. With custom interiors, multiple balconies, kitchens, restrooms, and VIP lounge areas, the completed structures felt anything but temporary.

When planning your next event that requires a temporary structure or VIP structure, consider the following details to help define your structure or environment and ensure you select the right partner:

  • Do I have enough bandwidth and staff to manage sourcing details from multiple vendors, or should I seek one vendor that can offer a turnkey solution?
  • America’s Cup event planners selected Condit for this very reason. We provide a single point of contact and manage the structure fabrication process from start to finish. This begins with delivery of all materials to the build, site preparation, and sourcing the necessary equipment like cranes or lifts. Then we progress through custom builds, from flooring to roofing, and conclude with Condit’s team disassembling the structure at the event’s conclusion. For you, this means one bill and one contact from a single partner, not a chaotic process managing multiple vendors that will leave you with nothing more than headache.
  • What are my options for branding and custom elements?
  • ACEA structures feature a variety of sponsorship placements. In fact, some of the structures are defined by their brand namesakes. The Team USA Oracle structure is a great example; the structure is a 15m x 20m single-story featuring a 150m² rooftop viewing balcony.
  • Will my structure need multiple stories? If so, will the structure need elevators or escalators to make the environment fully accessible?
  • Condit’s showcase structure, Club 72, is an impressive 750m² two-story structure with dual viewing balconies accessible through a custom staircase. The first balcony overlooks the finish line of the race, the other faces the amphitheatre on San Francisco’s Pier 27/29.
  • Will a kitchen be necessary for hosting events? Will my attendees need restrooms or are there other facilities available on-site?
  • Condit designed the Club 72 structure to address all these of requirements for ACEA event planners and their showcase brands. Club 72 houses not only the Club 72 VIP Lounge, but also the Louis Vuitton Lounge, a Louis Vuitton retail store, and even a VIP lounge for Team Artemis. The overall space is fitted with built-in restrooms, a shower room, and a 75m² kitchen with multiple prep areas that will service all of the hospitality lounges.
  • What electrical and technological features will I need?
  • Each of the structures Condit creates will include full electric wiring and capabilities, powering interior lighting, audio visual equipment, the prep kitchen, and other elements including air conditioning.

When it comes to creating custom, temporary VIP structures for world-class events, architects and event planners want the experience to feel luxurious.

Custom details are a result of careful planning and partnership; we design environments to fit the context of the event and transform empty space into unforgettable hospitality and retail spaces with seamless fabrication. By utilizing a vendor that can manage the drayage, installation, custom fabrication, and dismantling of a structure, you’ll not only save time and money, you’ll increase the efficiency and speed of the build.

America’s Cup planners knew a world-class sailing event deserved world-class VIP structures, so they selected Condit to provide a turnkey solution that included all logistical planning, design, engineering, and custom fabrication of the interior elements.

If you are looking for structure design concepts for your next event, or simply want to get an idea of what is possible, browse Condit’s structure design ideas or temporary structure portfolio.

Condit offers the most sophisticated temporary structure system on the market today. Developed for use in outdoor environments and large-scale hospitality venues and sporting events, Condit is redefining temporary structures and how your brand can be represented in a temporary space.


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