Weather Exhibit for Center for Atmospheric Research | Condit

NCAR Weather Exhibit | Museum Exhibits by Condit

In conjunction with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Condit has created a new museum exhibit that helps to harness the power and awe of atmospheric events. The NCAR Exhibit is located in Boulder, Colorado at the Mesa Lab and gets about 70,00 visitors a year. The project was awarded to Condit at the end of 2011 for the design, fabrication, and installation.
The exhibit highlights weather and utilizes the technology and skilled scientists who work at NCAR. The design process was a direct collaboration between NCAR and Condit designers. Because of that collaboration, the exhibit includes many interactive experiences. There are touchscreens that allow visitors to explore the atmosphere in more detail, real clouds, and an eight-foot-tall tornado that push visitors to participate with the exhibit and gain a better understanding of how our weather works.

For more information, check out this article from NCAR.