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Temporary Structure Interiors and Branding

When a client comes to Condit with a temporary structure project, they are often looking for a comprehensive design that might include exterior branding and landscaping as well as interior furnishings and fit out. Our design process, which can begin with something as simple as a pencil sketch, allows for customer input at every step of the way and ultimately results in design renderings that accurately convey the look and feel of the final product.America's Cup Structure Drawing and Plan


Condit’s internal design capabilities cover a diverse range of options including sketch, watercolor, line drawing, color rendering, and 3D modeling. Choosing the right option not only helps us clearly deliver our vision for our clients, but often helps our clients deliver a glimpse of what’s to come to their event attendees and sponsors when used in promotional and marketing materials.

But we don’t stop there.


Structures interior before and after



Condit can literally bring the images to life. We collaborate with our clients, interior and lighting designers and event producers to not only create true to life images for your event promotions, but then using our in-house custom fabrication capabilities and project resources, we facilitate the end product.

What you see is truly what you get.