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Condit Receives 2023 beMatrix “Best of” Exhibit Design Award

Celebrating Benebone at Global Pet Expo

Condit was honored to receive the Best Retail Exhibit award from beMatrix for this project with Benebone. Benebone is a sustainable manufacturer of durable, healthy dog chews.

Their 20×20 island exhibit debuted in 2023 at Global Pet Expo, which is organized by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) and features new and innovative products in the pet industry.  The beMatrix judges appreciated the carnival-like atmosphere and the engaging product displays at the retail show, and it has since been reconfigured into multiple footprints for Benebone’s continued event marketing program.

Known internally as one of Condit’s most fun exhibits to date, the design was meant to emulate the joy and excitement of Coney Island. beMatrix wall panels served as the “backbone” for Benebone’s games, market stands, and animal engagement stations. Paired with fabric elements like bright, colorful awnings and a can’t-miss hanging sign, the booth received tons of attention from humans and pets alike!



Exhibit Design Award Finalist: Wordfence at Black Hat

Condit was also named as a finalist for “Best Design Under 600 Sqft” for this project with Wordfence, a WordPress security plugin developer. Their 20×30 island exhibit debuted at Black Hat 2022, a computer and cybersecurity conference.

For this design and build, Condit’s design team sought to convey cybersecurity in a way that was easy to understand and tangible from an aesthetic standpoint while still being lightweight. The design focused on showing protection and fortification through the selection of appropriate materials (such as pseudo-concrete, bars). The design department took time to better understand, and thereby better convey, branding for this intangible product and to develop a solution that was cost-effective and lightweight while still appearing heavy and imposing.



About the beMatrix “Best of” Exhibit Design Awards

beMatrix is a Belgium-based company specializing in modular booths and exhibits. The organization is renowned for its innovative and versatile modular framework systems, which are widely used in the events and exhibition industry, as well as their environmentally friendly practices, including the use of recyclable materials and the implementation of sustainable manufacturing processes.

Key features of the beMatrix systems include a modular construction that allows for easy assembly and disassembly, adaptability to various designs footprints, and a sleek, seamless appearance. The framework is often composed of lightweight aluminum profiles, providing a robust yet flexible structure.

beMatrix systems are popular among designers, exhibition organizers, and businesses looking for customizable and reusable solutions for trade shows, events, and exhibitions. The versatility of the beMatrix system allows for creative and dynamic designs, making it a preferred choice for those seeking modular and visually impactful solutions in the world of temporary structures and displays.

The beMatrix “Best of” competition offers beMatrix customers and their clients a platform to highlight their most innovative designs that leverage the beMatrix system.



Your Award-Winning Exhibit Design Partner

Award-winning exhibit designs are recognized for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in conveying a brand’s message or showcasing products and services. These designs often stand out for their unique concepts, use of technology, engaging aesthetics, and overall impact on the audience.

While we have award-winning experience across both technology-driven and pet-focused tradeshows, our portfolio of display designs spans far beyond these. We’re here to help your business improve visibility across your industry or vertical market. Take advantage of Condit’s collaborative design process, high-quality manufacturing, and excellent customer service to make your exhibit vision and event marketing goals a reality.

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