Virtual Exhibits & Digital Solutions for Your Next Event

Going Virtual


In response to COVID-19, an unprecedented number of trade shows have been postponed, cancelled, or moved to a virtual platform. We understand how disruptive this has been for your  show schedule and your event marketing program. And right now, you may be unsure of next steps. We can help you adapt.

Condit is ready to pivot with you and to do everything we can to ensure successful participation in your next virtual trade show or virtual event. Our virtual offerings are flexible and affordable to quickly and easily accommodate your updated event requirements without straining your budget. You can leverage your existing booth design to create an immersive digital exhibit or create an entirely new experience to stand out from the crowd of stock booths in the virtual expo hall – let your creativity shine!



Virtual Exhibits


For virtual trade shows, conferences and other events, we offer a robust toolkit for exhibitors. Using the most advanced rendering technology, booth visitors will be able to explore and interact with your exhibit in three dimensions. Senior designers will work with you to map strategic digital touchpoints that provide video content, live chat, downloadable materials and more – all within your virtual exhibit.


  • Detailed 3D Renderings of Exhibit Properties
  • Interactive Functionality (ex: video, ecommerce, form fills, live chat)
  • Narrated Video Fly-Through
  • Secure Online Hosting of Virtual Content (with password-protection enabled as needed)
  • Content Update Assistance


Virtual Add-Ons


Take your virtual exhibit to the next level with our virtual add-ons. These tailored expansions are designed to maximize your virtual exhibit. Harnessing technologies like point-of-view (POV) virtual reality and application-based augmented reality, your attendees will be presented with a truly immersive virtual experience on their terms.


  • Exhibit Walk-Through/Touring Animation
  • Augmented Reality (requires mobile device)
  • Enhanced Virtual Reality (requires compatible VR headset)
  • 360-Degree Product Models



Additional Services


Condit also offers a number of consulting and presentation services to enhance your virtual exhibit content – from advice on planning and attendee engagement to professional on-camera, voiceover, and in-booth presentation partners.


  • Virtual Experience Consulting
  • Attendee Engagement Consulting
  • Scriptwriting
  • Interviewing
  • Virtual In-Booth Presentation Design
  • Video Host (on-camera)
  • Video Narration (voiceover)
  • Virtual Trade Show Presenter



Tracking & Analytics


Get tailored insights about your virtual booth visitors through our tracking and analytics programs. Our reporting softwares can provide valuable data and metrics on user experience as well as performance and behavior. Work with our team to create custom goals and events to track based on your project requirements.


  • Unique Visits, Bounce Rate and Time on Page
  • Document Views and Material Downloads
  • Customizable Goal and Event Tracking (ex: contact form submissions, live chat usage, etc.)
  • User Experience and Behavioral Data (through heatmapping)


Beyond the Show


Leverage your virtual exhibit property 24/7-365 as a standalone digital marketing asset. Bring your products, your services, and your brand to your clients, partners and prospects in three dimensions – no matter where they are!


  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Directory Listings and Industry Guides
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Product Launches and Special Announcements
  • Virtual Award Ceremonies and Presentations


Explore Our Virtual Booth


We’ve selected a number of strategic touchpoints to highlight the basics of our virtual exhibit toolkit, including an educational resource center, digital meeting spaces, and live chat.  Use our preview of each region of the booth to get an idea of what content, features and add-ons your brand or organization can implement in the space. Each of these touchpoints can be populated with content, such as links to your website, images, videos, white papers, and marketing materials. These links can be added and modified quickly and easily – ensuring your content is up to date.  Consider your virtual exhibit infinitely customizable. Whatever your event, brand, or industry, we can help make your virtual vision a reality. Visit our virtual booth now!



Building Virtual Exhibits


We understand the challenges and the benefits that come with a show’s migration to a virtual format, and we’re ready to help your brand make the most of this new opportunity to connect with key clients and prospects. Plus, we’ll help you explore the value of a virtual exhibit as a standalone marketing asset before and after the show! Virtual events are here to stay, so let’s dive in!

Take a look at Okuma’s virtual exhibit success at IMTS 2020 to learn more about our process and final project results, and read our blog on the Benefits of Virtual Booths to get inspired!

Ready to get started on your virtual exhibit? Contact us.