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Taking Business Outdoors

When you have a company based in Denver, you’re guaranteed to have half, if not most, of your personnel heavily involved in outdoors activities. Here at Condit we have avid golfers, bikers, skiers, hikers, runners, tennis players… and the list goes on. It’s no coincidence that many of our clients hail from the outdoor industry. Like all of our clients, we take these outdoorsy types very seriously. But especially with this industry we believe our loyalty goes beyond business; we have a passion and a fervor for many of the brands we feel proud to work with. One such brand is Exped. Short for “Expedition”, this exceptional backpacking gear company makes the most durable, technical, and practical gear you can rely on when ruffing it in the woods. Condit President, Mike McGowan testifies:


Condit Exped Testimonial“Most often, one prefers their lodging on a camp trip to include a small, lightweight structure made up of some combination of the following elements: nylon, polyester, mesh, and aluminum.

Me, I prefer a rather perforated roof, one through which all the stars are visible. In other words, I prefer a night in the buff, sans tent that is. Last autumn during a weeklong whitewater raft trip down Oregon’s Rogue River bad karma, for reasons unmentionable, struck hard. Rain poured by day and only let up to a hard drizzle by night. Without the luxury of an aforementioned tent system, I was forced to take my REM beneath the soggy skies.

But to my comforted surprise, it turned out my karma had reversed. Thanks to my Exped WaterBloc 1200 sleeping bag I became the object of envy. I awoke with rested mind and body, looked over at my comrades to find them shivering almost too vigorously to wring out their water soaked sleeping bags as if they were wet dish rags.

My Exped bag is a like a personal body tent that wicks away the most vicious of raindrops, so much so that I briefly considered trading out my wetsuit each day to take the WaterBloc for a spin in the class IV waters.”


Check out the recent booth build we designed and created for Exped for the Outdoor Retailer Summer show last week in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Expel exhibit at Outdoor Retailer Show