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TerumoBCT and a Kubuki Drop

This past year, Terumo bought CaridianBCT Terumo is a Japanese company that specializes in the medical technology field. The marketing team at TerumoBCT needed to launch their new name at  AABB which is a big industry event.

A few challenges to overcome to prepare for AABB:

  • CaridianBCT had booked a 40 X 60 space.
  • Terumo had booked a 30 x 40 space.
  • How to effectively rebrand the CaradianBCT & Terumo properties for the AABB event.
  • Build industry buzz and excitement with employees, customers and attendees.

Jeff Thomas, Condit Exhibit’s Senior Account Executive, is no stranger to helping companies through this type of quandary.  He sat down with their marketing team to understand their objectives and goals. Working along side Condit’s creative department, they came up with a plan to rebrand the booth and combine the two companies exhibit spaces.  Working with AABB, TerumoBCT was able to combine their exhibit space into a large presence.

Jeff continued to work with their marketing team and the Condit staff to determine the best design elements to create an effective space that would be talked about during and after the event.  CaridianBCT typically had larger products and Terumo has smaller products all of which are used in the blood banking industry.

Having a strong design team is essential to developing ways to present any product but even more critical during a merger of companies products and services.  Jeff worked closely with Terumo to understand their product display requirements by becoming familiar with actual product delivered to Condit.  Rebranding existing exhibit properties from a merged organization included:  new graphics, product display opportunities and  use of the  CaridianBCT double deck.

Show Opening:  
The timing of the acquisition announcement tied in well with the opening of AABB.  One of the key objectives was to create a buzz at AABB. This was done by using a kabuki drop.

A Kabuki drop is a technique (generally used in Theatre and Special Events) where a drape or other lightweight fabric is quickly dropped from the ceiling to reveal the exhibit and employees. The entire space of the TerumoBCT exhibit space was draped from floor to ceiling.

David Perez, President of TerumoBCT , with over 100 employees stood in the booth space.  Mr. Perez stood on the upper deck behind the curtain. Thanking attendees for coming and announcing the launch. After a brief introduction the countdown begin.  The Kabuki was dropped unveiling the new brand, properties and employees.

Here a couple of pictures of inside the TerumoBCT exhibit prior to the Kubuki drop and after the drop.

A lot of hard work from TerumoBCT and Condit went into creating this experience at AABB.

Lisa Hayes of TerumoBCT stated it well:

“Words cannot capture my sincere gratitude for each of you.  I believe the entire event was a true success based on our entire team collaborating and delivering, but a significant part of that success was a direct result of each of you, your hard work, diligence and professionalism during the week to make everything seem effortless.  I’m proud and honored to be your colleague and teammate!”

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