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Marketing to The Small Screen: Email and The Mobile User

There are many techniques to consider when targeting the mobile user. In this post we will look at what to consider in regards to emails. All of the companies I work with that utilize trade show marketing, use emails to communicate. Keep these tips in mind as you put your strategy together.

A recent report from ReturnPath brought up some interesting points which I have shared in this post. I have daily conversations with companies about how they should consider mobile devices when communicating with their customers and prospects. The following includes a few predictions and recommendations.

Mobile platforms are gaining ground when it comes to email viewership.

Webmail is still the most popular platform for reading email, but mobile is showing huge growth rates whereas webmail and desktop decreased by 11% and nearly 9.5%, respectively.

Where email is viewed is heavily influenced by when it is viewed, with desktop ruling the weekdays and mobile spiking on the weekends.

iPad Use:
The use of the iPad for viewing email has exploded with a 73% increase in email opens.
If you are viewing email with installed software on a desktop, you are viewing it in Outlook or Apple Mail. All other platforms combined make up a tiny share of the total desktop views.

Prediction: More, more, more. We think this number will just keep going up as tablet computers such as the iPad continue to proliferate. The email interface is pretty slick and definitely increases the consumption of email on the go.

Recommendation: When you consider your mobile design strategy, don’t forget about tablets. While they offer a lot more options than the small screen of a smartphone, they are still different enough from a desktop or webmail environment to require some thought. Testing your designs on all the platforms that matter to your audience is key to success.

Email is read everywhere and mobile is growing:
Where is Email Most Often Read? It might be a little hard to believe given all the ink that gets spilled covering the mobile revolution, but webmail continues to be the dominant platform for email use, followed by desktop and mobile devices.
While mobile still represents the smallest piece of the email open pie, it is showing a pattern of increasing usage that is impossible to ignore. In fact, Return Path data shows that email opens on mobile devices is up by 34% and growing.

Prediction: Email is an important business tool, so some combination of desktop and webmail use is likely to remain dominant well into 2013. But the number of people who opt for smartphones increases each quarter, meaning email viewership on these devices will continue to grow. Add in the iPad and we predict that mobile viewership number will tick up by a measurable amount by the end of 2013.

Recommendation: Benchmarks are great for understanding the shifts in the market, but your company’s marketing strategy should be dictated by specific data on your subscribers. Figure out where they are viewing email so you can send them relevant messages. Relevance is about more than just content.

Take time to understand how your customers and prospects are viewing your content and make adjustments as necessary. Most email programs will do this for you automatically and will allow your messaging to be read and acted on.


Greg Olson

Senior Account Executive & Digital Strategist