Spotlight: Seoul Semiconductor at LightFair 2014 Las Vegas

Client Spotlight: Seoul Semiconductor for LightFair Show 2014 Las Vegas

Custom fabricated trade show exhibit for lighting client


For this client spotlight edition, we take a look at a recently completed custom tradeshow exhibit for our client, Seoul Semiconductor at LightFair 2014 in Las Vegas. As a longtime exhibit partner for Seoul, they entrusted us with solving this year’s challenge of creating a brand new booth, with a new configuration, product highlights, and overall design strategy. U.S. Marketing Manager, Megan Smith recounts that “the main goal this year was to present a new and exciting look for the Seoul Semiconductor North America brand. We also had the goal of capturing 50% more leads from the previous year.”

This year’s booth design was dictated by a desire for an open and spacious floor plan, and concerns with weight and transportation. Condit’s design team embraced the request for a reduction of the heavy architecture of years past and brainstormed possible solutions to accomplish the same sense of presence. Lead designer, Matt Wolf, began to sketch booth ideas involving the use of lightweight fabrics. We partnered with Moss Exhibits to realize the full potential of his design. The Seoul Semiconductor team was pleased with the transformation from concept to completion, “We felt as though the final product was taken right from the rendering that we loved from the beginning,” says Megan. The 30’x60’ space was defined by a border of 18-foot high glowing pillars and a suspended oval logo header which ensured the booth’s visibility from afar. A large white, tension fabric canopy anchored the exhibit and defined the Seoul environment below. Aside from function, these elements, as Megan explains, “made us stand out from the hundreds of booths surrounding us.”




Attendees praised the booth for the “interesting textures and patterns” incorporated throughout. Megan noted “the green swoosh in the carpet was the perfect guide for visitors to stroll through new product demos.” She explains their team and attendees also appreciated the modern and clean look of the design “which kept the eye focused on our portfolio of products”.

Overall, Megan exclaims their team had “a very smooth tradeshow planning experience and had a lot of fun…Everything was on time, as scheduled and executed professionally on the show floor. Jenny and Monty were both a pleasure to work with as they knew every detail of our booth from top to bottom!” We, too, have always enjoyed working with the Seoul Semiconductor team. Designer Matt speaks for us all when he says, “Seoul is an ideal client. They exceptionally communicate how their brand should be projected, while also honoring our expertise in design. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

We look forward to next year’s show and creating yet another unique environment to showcase the Seoul Semiconductor brand. “Over the years Condit has continued to learn our brand, products and team of employees with a passion, which has been critical to our successful partnership,” mentions Megan; we couldn’t agree more that our partnerships with clients like Seoul keep us striving to create a consistently better product.


Seoul Semiconductor at LightFair 2014


Click here to view a video of the Seoul Semiconductor booth at LightFair 2014