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Is Your Trade Show Exhibit Connected to Social Media?

Trade show managers are trying to figure out how to integrate social media into their trade show exhibits and achieve the best results.  Trade shows and events are a great way to connect with customers, prospects and media.  Social media can be used through pre and post event marketing to engage and attract attendees.  It is becoming more challenging to keep up with the variety of ways your customers and prospects are interacting with your brand online.

A few items to consider before getting started:

  • Determine the best social media channels and understand where your audience participates
  • Educate your staff before, during and after the trade show
  • Determine goals and measurements
  • Assign 1-2 employees to manage
  • Remember social media is ongoing
  • Create a social media policy for your company

Let’s look at a variety of ways social media can help you along with a few ideas.

Create an “event page” to promote attendees to come to your exhibit.
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Research prospects, clients, media and competition twitter accounts and follow them and their followers.

Utilize a tool such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Crowdbooster or Sproutsocial to monitor your account and conversations.
Have relavent and useful information ready to tweet. Product tips, where to get a good cup of coffee at the trade show. Use the trade show #hashtag in these conversations as people are searching for them.
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Create a check-in location at your exhibit. Give deals such as coupons for coffee or drinks. Create a game when an attendee checks in and engages your sales team.

Set up a LinkedIn event to promote your trade show exhibit. Set up discussions and introduce your company experts.

Open a Flickr account. People love pictures. Create a way to capture pictures of people within your exhibit. Have a fun give-away for an opportunity to take an attendees picture. Capture their email address and send them a link to the photos.

Create a Pinterest account for the trade show event showing your exhibit, products as well as fun places to hang out in the city. This will help drive traffic to your site.

Video Chat:
There are a number of ways to create a video chat in the booth. This is very effective way to let prospects and decision makers who could not attend the trade show learn more about what you are doing.

Connect your blog to your website. Come up with useful, relevant topics. I suggest articles with 3-5 tips as well interviews with key employees and experts in your company. Create a content calendar and share the content through your social media channels.
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Mobile is social. People are using their mobile devices to connect to information at a growing rate. Consider the following in your exhibit.

Use a proximity device to set up a Wi-Fi signal with the content you want to display.

Utilize SMS messaging. Provide a number for people to text to receive a link to important information and offers.

Use QR Codes for people to obtain information about products and offers.
Learn more about using QR Codes in your trade show exhibit.

We have discussed many options and there are many more.  The good thing about social media and mobile is that they are highly measurable. Remember to post any social media links on your website as well as the contact page.

Start with a couple of options and test then add to your social media plan as you become comfortable.

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