Interactive Custom Exhibit for Speck Products at CES 2013 | Condit

Interactive Custom Exhibit for Speck Products Turns Heads at CES 2013

Condit provides custom trade show exhibits for some of the biggest brands in the world. Recently Speck Products, creators of the perfectly fitting, insanely styling protective cases for iPhone, MacBook, iPad and other gadgets, attended CES 2013 in Las Vegas with an interactive custom exhibit from Condit that turned heads and left a lasting impression on the trade show floor.

The Speck booth’s interactivity was powered with exhibit technology, in this case an Xbox Kinetx system on an LED dance floor. “Glitch” from the show, “So You Think You Can Dance?” was included as a highlight and audience attraction. These features, in combination with an attractive and well-designed exhibit, maintained and increased time with Speck’s business partners throughout the show and left a lasting impression on many attendees.

Speck’s exhibit was a 40’ x 50’ double deck structure created with custom fabricated elements and rental properties.

Check out Condit’s custom exhibits or rental exhibits for other client stories. Condit specializes in creating the perfect, unique solution for any trade show. The blend of properties allowed Speck to achieve a cohesive look and feel that matched their unique brand. This flexibility also allows Speck to bring elements of their booth to different shows in the future.