Staging Your Next Virtual Event

Justin’s, in tandem with their agency, Barkley, hosted a virtual event at Condit’s Denver location using their physical exhibit. Built for Natural Products Expo West 2020, which was cancelled in February, Condit designed and fabricated two exhibits that were set to debut at the show. After the cancellation, both builds were still sitting idle in Condit’s Rocky Mountain warehouse. The smaller of the two, a 10×20 inline booth, was unveiled as the backdrop for this collaborative digital experience – proving an innovative, cost-effective, and safety-forward opportunity.


Using Existing Assets


Barkley, Justin’s, and Condit were able to work together on a two-day recorded virtual event that would utilize portions of Justin’s physical booth to set the scene. After Barkley and Justin’s selected the Creative Campground as their main stage, the Condit team got to work providing show-quality professional setup and teardown.

“We were holding a workshop to innovate around a new product launch for the Justin’s brand.  In order to elevate the session experience beyond ‘another Zoom call,’ we had to get crafty (while keeping safe).  We knew we had a gorgeous trade show booth from this past year’s Expo West that had yet to see the light of day.  We thought it would be the perfect “home” for our workshop.  We were thrilled when the Condit team agreed to go along with this plan and host us,” said Jenny Thayer, brand director at Barkley.

In addition to using existing assets, Barkley and Justin’s found a cost-effective solution to showcase their branded space. The virtual format expanded their reach beyond the show floor, and as a recording, the digital experience became infinitely sharable to both internal and external audiences. The socially distanced nature of the event also maximized safety for organizers, viewers, and participants.



Elevating the Experience


Beyond the basics, Barkley and Justin’s elevated their virtual event with professional sound gear, studio lighting, filming equipment, and custom branded apparel. They selected an exhibit with strong graphics and ample counter space, as well as depth of field for recording video. Their team had multiple “dress rehearsals” to optimize individual performances and to minimize any technical glitches.

When using your booth properties as a prop, backdrop, or something else entirely, Condit has a number of spaces in our Denver and Chicago facilities for professional filming, including multiple warehouses, showrooms, and preview areas – depending on your brand goals and aesthetic. Whether you use your entire booth or just a couple components, exhibit properties can be pulled from Condit storage or brought on site independently. Plus, Condit offers complimentary climate control, parking, kitchen facilities, and hardline internet access/high-speed WiFi.


Feeling camera-ready?


If you’d like to chat with one of our team members about using your exhibit in new and interesting ways, reach out here. We’re excited to hear from you!