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Exhibit Technology Trends

Exhibit design always has to include important items such as brand awareness, traffic flow, product demos and graphic considerations. Here are few technology trends we are seeing in exhibits being designed this year at Condit.

1. Charging stations:
Prospects, clients and friends will love you for the ability to be able to charge their mobile devices and laptops within your booth. Add in the appropriate signage to invite them to these stations. This is a great place to include pre-loaded iPads with key information that can include weather, flight check in apps, restaurant reservations apps as well as your company information.

2. Proximity stations:
A Wi-Fi proximity station will allow users to only see content that is pre-loaded. If you want them to view a video, a presentation or download an e-brochure this can be accessed through the proximity device.  These work even if you do not have Wi-Fi connectivity.  If you are connected to a mobile device or Wi-Fi you can only serve up the websites and information you want the user to view. Example: Your company demo site and your company social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

3. Touch Screens:
Touch screen technology has been around for awhile but with the introduction of tablet computers and smartphones we are seeing new uses that are driving booth leads at an increasing rate.  Consider developing a mobile app that is useful for your prospect and customer. Placing your catalog on an app with integrated video and animations as well as data capture points will drive leads and shorten sales cycles.

Check with the Condit team to develop your next mobile application or integrate touch screens into your exhibit.