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How To Have a Perfect Trade Show Experience

Successful trade show marketing requires time, energy, creativity and money.  A proper trade show marketing plan includes more than just showing up at the exhibit space. Reaching your trade show goals requires a strong plan.  Here are a few items to consider during your planning.

1. Budget:  Does your exhibit fit into your short and long range budget planning process? Spending too little may cause you to miss your marketing and sales goals. Spending too much may result in having to pull back from your trade show marketing objectives.

2. Materials: Is your exhibit showing wear? When designing an exhibit think about the materials that reflect your brand but also have durability against wear.

3. Seconds vs Minutes: Does your exhibit easily and quickly portray your message in under 5 seconds? Prospects will move on if your exhibit does not catch their attention in under 5 seconds. Consider messaging that can be read from the aisle.  Bold colors and large format graphics will draw their attention.

4. Branding: Does your exhibit match your company’s brand standards? Colors, images and text that is different from your brand standards can confuse your customers and prospects.

5. Traffic Flow: This is an easy one and some exhibitors don’t consider the flow of traffic into your exhibit space.  Position your exhibit, products and messaging to catch the attention of the attendees walking down the aisles.

6. Booth staff training: Your sales and marketing team are experts back at the office.  Have they sold your product and services at a trade show?  All booth staff should review all marketing materials and messaging. Develop a 30 second commercial and a elevator speech for your staff to memorize.

Whether you have a portable, rental or custom exhibit, you can be on your way to reaching your trade show marketing goals by considering these tips.