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Design Your Dream Exhibit

Designing or updating a trade show exhibit is exciting for a company.  A proper design process is more than sketching shapes.  A design process is about considering all aspects of your company and your brand. We take your brand images into consideration and translate those into visual forms, shapes and colors.

Consider the following as part of the process when developing your new exhibit or updating your existing exhibit. This process works as well for custom exhibits, rental exhibits and portable exhibits.

Step one is the investigation stage. Through detailed customer interviews and research we discover what is important to you. We gain a clear understanding of your products and services.  It is important to review your current marketing collateral which can include brochures, catalogs, websites and brand standards.

Step two is the analyze stage.  This is a critical component as we start translating your brand and culture to visual shapes and colors. We take the gathered information and filter it through our design matrix to create achievable goals. This is the first step where we sketch out bubble diagrams to indicate needs for product placement, exhibit flow and potential messaging areas.

We consider areas within functional, aesthetic and experimental design.

Functional design is the intellectual and physical components of the exhibit.

  • How are we organizing product displays?
  • Do we need to design an open yet controlled work flow?
  • Do we need to build in modularity and flexibility to use in different configurations?
  • is it important to have story telling areas?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • Should we consider green “recycled” materials in the booth design?

Aesthetic design focuses on how the booth should look.
Consider the following as you determine the look of your exhibit.

  • Urban textures and materials
  • Simple clean shapes and lines
  • Vibrant colors
  • Edgy and Artsy
  • New vs Established

Experimental design is how the exhibit should feel. This is a very important part of the design process as this is part of your company, your culture and your future.

Typical ideas you should consider around the feeling of your exhibit.

  • Feel the essence of the brand
  • Feel the credibility and integrity
  • Discover and be informed
  • Your customers and prospects get what you do when they are in your exhibit.

Step three is explore. We sketch or model in black and white to develop our concepts.  This is the stage we share an overview of our thoughts to gain more insight and ideas. This stage helps determine budget. Upon gaining a clear understanding and approval we move to refine the design.

Step four is the refine stage. Once we determine the design direction, we fine tune the details based on your feedback. Here we consider color and materials used in the exhibit design. Graphic areas and sizes are are presented to determine the proper branding and messaging areas.

The final stage is the deliver stage.  A final color rendering is presented with material specifications and samples. This can include flooring samples, lighting and any technology solutions that will be used in the exhibit such as touch screens or iPad stations. Floor plan and configurations are shown as well as electrical requirements.

Working with an expert design team and following this process will help you design the trade show exhibit that fits your needs, meets your business goals and stays within budget.