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Re-cap: Exhibit Showroom Grand Opening

We are proud to announce the debut of our new Exhibit Showroom and Technology Showcase. We recently invited local clients and vendors to the grand opening of this exciting new addition to our 150,000 sq. ft. facilities in Denver, Colorado.


Condit's portable exhibit showroom and technology showcase

Two 10’x10’ and one 10’x20’ portable exhibits surround the space, each with a different structure system, design and layout. The three booths show off a diversity of applications for lighting, graphics, shelving, monitor display and flooring.


A small conference room within the Exhibit Showroom also acts as a display space for our beMatrix wall system and a variety of infill options. This conference room sits atop a raised Brumark flooring platform with inset LED tiles.


The Technology Showcase portion of the new Showroom highlights the use of LED lighting, projection, a charging station and touchscreens. Custom tension fabric LED lined frames help divide the exhibit spaces, while also illuminating the entire room with a carousel of changing RGB tones.


With such an involved remodel project complete, we felt eager to show off all the hard work. Denver clients and vendor partners joined us Thursday, October 20th to celebrate a public reveal!  beMatrix conference room in Condit Showroom


Kevin Tainor, Condit’s Design Director, welcomed the crowd with a talk on the design intention for the new Exhibit Showroom. Kevin discussed the importance for our clients to see, touch and feel life-size versions of our products–framing systems, materials, graphic applications and technology elements–in order to make informed and confident buying decisions. Having the diversity of each of these solutions examples all in one space is irreplaceable to merely viewing small samples or images of the product.


Another important aspect of designing the space was not only maintaining a consistent feel throughout the room, with its variety of booth branding, but also having the showroom feel like a cohesive space within the rest of the building. At Condit each department is uniquely designed, but they all must work harmoniously to tell the Condit brand story in a visual and physical manner.


Kevin then introduced our guest speaker and tech guru, Warren Kuchel of Rogue Productions. Warren gave an interactive and highly intriguing talk on how to successfully incorporate technology into your trade show program. He highlighted relevant trends in his industry–video, projecting, projection mapping, LED signage, etc.–as well as the importance of adopting a strategy and formulating a schedule for content creation. He encouraged our clients to implement technology into their exhibits regardless of project size or scale–having a digital element of some kind will encourage booth engagement. Not to mention, customization, control and usability are at their most user friendly yet.

Condit hosts party for new Exhibit Showroom


Warren closed by taking questions and elaborating on talking points to fit individuals’ scenarios. His talk provoked meaningful discourse for the remainder of the evening.


We were thrilled to catch up with our local client base and can’t extend our gratitude enough for their support and interest in our latest project.


We intend to use the space as a sales and design tool as well as a meeting space. As a permanent addition to Condit, we invite and encourage any interested parties to visit our Showroom and Technology Showcase at any time. Get in touch to make an appointment click or Call 303-744-7167.