8 Benefits of a Virtual Booth

Top Reasons For Adapting to Virtual Events

By now, you’ve most likely attended, participated in, or even hosted a virtual event. Due to COVID-19, face-to-face marketing opportunities, like trade shows and conventions, have been transformed for the foreseeable future. In this new digital landscape, there are a number of options when it comes to the appearance and interactivity of a virtual booth for shows like IMTS, United Fresh, and Outdoor Retailer. Understanding some of the benefits of a virtual booth can help you make more informed decisions about your brand’s digital environment and look on the bright side of this “new normal.”


1. Global reach

Meet your clients, prospects, and partners wherever they are – from the couch to the conference room – without any geographical limitations.


2. Infinite customization

Use your imagination to incorporate unique offerings and dynamic content – the sky is the limit!


3. High ROI

Reduce costs with a virtual booth by leveraging existing booth designs and eliminating costs like shipping, drayage, and manufacturing.


4. Increased engagement

Use hyper-targeted messaging and content to bump up engagement for all audiences far beyond a traditional website.


5. Extended lifecycle

Exist as a standalone marketing asset and a tool for your sales team long past show dates.


6. Quick turn-around

Tighten your timeline with shorter windows for design, development, and production.


7. Enhanced adaptability

Edit and improve based on real-time user data and other desired reporting metrics.


8. Maximized creativity

Stand out from the crowd of cookie-cutter shell schemes and invite users to experience your brand in three dimensions.


Building Your Own Virtual Booth

Interested in learning more about creating a virtual booth? You can read more about Condit’s virtual capabilities here, read a virtual booth success story,  or contact us now.